Having spent the last year since the Residents Questionnaire collating evidence and completing the Baseline Assessment and Scoping Report, we are now embarking upon the next phase in the completion of our Plan.

With your help we have compiled a list of objectives to help achieve the chosen mission statement:

To protect and enhance the rural identity and heritage of our village whilst ensuring its future sustainability

And must now turn them into Policies, compliant with the Vale’s Local Plan Part 1. Then in a few months’ time these will be put to you all for approval via a referendum.

With advice from the Vale, we have chosen to follow the path recently used successfully by Blewbury Parish Council involving the production of

  • A character assessment of our village at present
  • A landscape assessment of our surroundings and
  • A housing survey, to identify our future needs

In the New Year we will be distributing another Residents Questionnaire seeking more data and your opinions relating to existing and future housing within our Parish.

Once again we will be asking for your assistance in distributing and completing this important piece of work.

The current NDP group is a mix of Councilors and residents that came together originally early in 2015. If you would like to join us, as we embark on the final phase, please contact us, either via our clerk or our website: https://steventonnp.wordpress.com ,or email: steventonneigh@gmail.com


Village Character Assessment

We are pleased to report that we have almost completed the first phase of our Neighbourhood Plan, as our Scoping Report is going out for Consultation shortly.

We now need your help with the second phase, a street by street survey to assess the character of our village.


It will entail a small group of 4 residents recording the types of housing and other features that exist within a defined area of the village.

We hope to have enough volunteers to divide the village into approx. 7 areas.

We will provide a template to record the data and explanatory notes, all you will need to provide is your time and a camera from within your group.

We hope to conduct this survey within the next 4 weeks and to this end will be holding a briefing meeting on Wednesday 21st September at 7pm in the North Star


Please could you indicate, by email steventonneigh@gmail.com, whether you are

  1. a) able to assist and
  2. b) can make the meeting

so we can get an idea of the expected no.s attending


Many Thanks

Neighbourhood Plan update meeting 6 June

At our last meeting in February, we shared the preliminary results of the residents’ Questionnaire and announced our mission statement to be:

To protect and enhance the rural identity and heritage of our village whilst ensuring it’s future sustainability

We also invited your thoughts on the opportunities & threats that exist within our village

We would now like to share with you, the conclusions we have drawn from both the Questionnaire and our assessment of the current situation, together with our initial objectives for the future.

We will be presenting our draft Sustainability Assessment before it goes to our stakeholders e,g. Vale & County Councils, for it’s statutory 6 weeks period of consultation.

We would like to share all this with you and invite your feedback at an open public meeting to be held on

Monday 6th June 7.00 to 8.00 at the Village Hall