Neighbourhood plan progress so far

Subject to a meeting of the Full NP Group on Tuesday 27th Oct, the next stage of the NP process should be ready, in the form of a Questionnaire to be sent to all residents in our Parish. It will seek their views on a number of important issues, raised as a result of the Initial Consultation in July and the responses will go a long way in shaping the policies contained within the Final Draft Plan.

The timetable is as follows:
· Distribution to every household w/commencing 16th November
· Drop-In session in the Millennium Room Wednesday 2nd December 4-6.30pm.
· Deadline for completion and collection Monday 7th December

We urgently need volunteers to be ‘Distributors’ to both deliver and collect completed forms. If you are able to help please respond to
and indicate which street(s) you are willing to be responsible for.
Even if you are unable to volunteer, you can assist by encouraging your friends and neighbours to respond within the deadline and thus be eligible to win one of the three £50 prizes in our draw.

It remains our objective to put the Final Draft plan in front of the entire Parish for approval via a referendum in April 2016.

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