Steventon Neighbourhood Plan

Steventon Parish Council has embarked upon the creation of our Neighbourhood Plan, and we need your input to address some key questions, including:
• What do you regard as the most important features of living in our village?
• What do you regard as the biggest threat to the well being of our village?
• What’s missing from our Village that you’d like to see added?
Our Neighbourhood Plan is a very real opportunity to incorporate the views of the residents and determine how the Vale’s Plan is applied to our Village.

Once approved our Neighbourhood Plan:
• Provides a legal document which the Parish Council can shape development in our area.
• Becomes an extension of the Vale District Council’s Local Plan.
• Can be used in the determination of planning applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the questionnaire?
The questionnaire is an essential element in finding out what the people of Steventon want for the village in the future. The questions that are asked have been based on the many comments made at the publicity event for the Neighbourhood Plan held earlier this year.

2. Will my answers to the questionnaire be confidential and anonymous?
Yes. You do not put your name or address anywhere on the questionnaire.

3. What happens to the answers?
The valuable statistics derived from the questionnaires will be returned in the form of a report to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee. They will be used as the essential data on which the Neighbourhood Plan is formulated. In some places we are inviting you to write words instead of ticking boxes. These written entries will be read separately and fully taken into account.

4. How do I fill in the questionnaire?
Please use a black ballpoint pen. If you make a mistake use the pen to completely black out the box with the wrong answer in it, and then put your tick in the correct box.
If you do not want to answer a question just leave it blank.

5. Who should fill out the questionnaire?
Every household in the village is involved and everyone in the village of 12 years and older should complete the questionnaire. Your distributor will give you enough questionnaires for everybody in your household.

6. Can I give my name to become a volunteer and help in village activities?
Certainly. Either phone the number given in the questionnaire, or tell the distributor when they pick up your questionnaire and they will pass on your name.

7. We’re rather busy – is it really vital? Yes it is! This is for all of us. Other villages doing their plans have managed to achieve nearly 100% participation which has made all the difference.
8. Where is the draw money coming from? It is from a Government grant that encourages communities to develop their Neighbourhood Plans.

Please try to find the time to fill this in and have it ready for your distributor. Thank you. The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

Name and phone number of your distributor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


One thought on “Steventon Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Dear Sirs

    Sorry to be so late in commenting about your neighbourhood plan as we live in Drayton and have only heard about your plan this afternoon. We have been told a block of flats is proposed for our property?

    Our family have owned owned the property at 2 High Street for about thirty years that was once occupied by Lee Magnum angineering. It is now mostly derelict and we cannot find anyone to rent it due to its condition, being so old and its design is beyond economical repair. We have been trying to tidy it up for about five years by just putting three smallish houses on it but we keep having our planning permission turned down by VWHDC because of the extractor fan unit that has been placed on the back of Blue Ginger restaurant on our property and without planning permission for an extractor as it is. We have been told that a building control notice should have been served on this extractor in 2005 due to its pollution and not meeting any pollution requirements and no one can explain why it was not done. Mr Duffield the head of the VWHDC planning department and his colleagues have been saying it was built as the plans that were passed in 2000 right up to February this year when we found out about this building control notice that should have been served. Their environmental team also keep telling us it is not a nuisance but the planners are refusing development on the site because of it.

    When the original plans were passed in 2000 for the conversion of Williams butchers into a restaurant by Mr Clark the new owner there were objections stating that the side door they installed opened out onto private property that was not owned by them. There were numerous objections against the fumes and pollution that would come from the restaurant. Yet the council still granted planning permission for it all.

    Also in 2012 an extractor was installed in the side of Munchies take away without planning permission, yet the VWHDC refused to do anything about this also saying it was not causing a nuisance. They applied for planning permission for this in early 2015 stating it was to vent a store room. We reported to the VWHDC this was not true and it was coming straight from a cooker not a store room yet they still passed it as it is with no filtration at all like the Blue Ginger extractor. Anyone only has to look at the fat running down from it to see what it is ventilating.

    We thought it best to let the residents of Steventon know the truth about why the building has been left as an eye sore for so long.

    Best regards
    Alex Taylor ( W J Taylor & Sons )


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