Open meeting please come

Tuesday 23rd October 7.00 to 8.00 at the Village Hall Steventon

 We would like to invite all Steventon residents, new & old, to an update on the progress of our emerging Neighbourhood Plan, when we will share with you:

  • The outcomes of our 2017 Housing Survey
  • The conclusions of our 2018 Character Assessment

And how these pieces of evidence have shaped the policies in our draft Plan

We welcome your feedback and comments on how our village is evolving and how we can shape the years ahead.

You don’t need to have attended previous meeting or understand what a NDP is, you just need to live in the village and care about it’s future.

We will also outline the process to completion and how you are all  to be involved, so please don’t miss this opportunity.

Light refreshments will be served, so come and join us!